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The Engines That Drive Millionaires- Part 7


Winners form alliance with other winners. Losers pair up with other losers. Those who are financially successful always befriend other financially successful persons. This is the proven road to success. Friendship of successful people leads to sharing of positive thoughts and ideas, resulting in some of the largest ventures in the world of business. History shows us that the biggest business ventures are a result of successful alliances and collaborations between the best brands and companies. This is often an outcome of association and socialization with the most successful people. On the other hand, if one always associates with unsuccessful people, one’s career graph will result in negative growth. I do not intend to say that people who are financially unsuccessful are altogether unsuccessful in life. Some of the most well- known artists and writers of yesteryear who created some of the greatest treasures of art and literature were unsuccessful financially. But they were successful in creating the best works of art and literature. I clarify that my comments are limited to and specific about the fact that financially unsuccessful people in general have a negative attitude about money and wealth, and hence in their company you will hear ideas that money is unnecessary and unimportant. Believe me, if you think money is unimportant, you will never be able to make money.

Mergers and acquisitions are important for companies. If you have started your business on a small scale but foresee rapid growth, it would be a good idea to sell your company to a giant before it becomes stagnant. The large company would be equipped to professionally handle the expansion and you would get an unbelievably good price for your company. There are thousands of examples of this kind. You could get a good acquisition price or selling price only if you have a fine personal-level interaction with the bosses of the gigantic brands. Generally these types of relationships originate in social circles like good clubs. The cream of society spends its leisure in the best of clubs. It would thus be an excellent opportunity to find a mentor by becoming members of such clubs. Think of membership in such a place as an investment. You could always get a chance to learn from the winners and find inspiration from them. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, but learn from those who have ‘been there, done that’. It would also be a good idea to read biographies or interviews of champions rather than read unproductive material such as gossip columns and Page 3 articles.

Avoid the company of friends or groups who share negative thoughts, who gossip, crib or vent frustration all the time. Negative thoughts are contagious and affect the mind quicker than positive thoughts. Stay away from such people. If you find yourself in the constant company of such people, you will never be able to transform yourself into a winner.

Remember, by staying with people who emit fragrance, you will absorb some of that fragrance. In the company of stinking people you will get contaminated and carry the stench of negativity as well.

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