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The Engines That Drive Millionaires- Part 11


Once, the legendary magician PC Sorcar was performing at an auditorium in Tokyo. The show was going well, every viewer watched spellbound. But there was one man sitting in the front row, who was continuously disturbing the magician by commenting, “I know that! … I know that!
…I know how to perform that trick!” Needless to say, the viewers were feeling just as annoyed as the magician himself. When it didn’t stop, the magician called him up on the stage. “So, do you know it all?” he asked. “I know all your tricks,” replied the man insolently.

“Very well, Sir, then I have something for you,” said the magician and handed him a very large empty ceramic jar and asked him to hold it firmly over his head. The man held the empty jar over his head and stood in a corner of the stage while the show continued. From time to time, between performances, the magician enquired: “Has anything appeared in the jar yet?” The man looked into it and answered, “No, not yet.” Two hours later, the show ended. The man was tired of holding up the jar. He was upset. After most of the viewers had left, he complained, “What’s wrong? Nothing has appeared in the jar yet.”

“Nothing at all? Oh, I’m so sorry, I apologize. I accept defeat. You win. I don’t think I know this trick too well. Perhaps you know it better?” said the magician, smiling. The man was about to say something, but he realized that he had been ridiculed by the magician before a full-house audience for pretending to know everything.

Stupid people pretend to know everything. The intelligent prefer to learn.

All champions are good pupils. They are open to new ideas and knowledge. They know they will be left behind if they choose to not learn. Their dignity, self-esteem or ego does not prevent them from accepting new ideas and knowledge. They keep abreast of news and current affairs through journals, newspapers, and the internet and remain well-informed. They value knowledge and know that they can utilize it for paving their path to success. On the other hand, ordinary people are much more prejudiced about accepting new ideas and knowledge. Their general response is “Yes, I know.” Their excuse for ignorance is “Where is the time to read or attend seminars?” or “I’m broke now and can’t spend money on seminars and books, maybe later.” Ironically, their lack of time and money is exactly the reason why they should educate themselves, so that they lack neither time nor money.

Middle-class people are always ready to spend money on their children’s education, but never on their own learning. They never feel the need to learn more. But the fact remains that every professional, even the best of doctors and engineers, cannot afford to stop learning. The day they stop being good pupils, they are bound to slide down from their position and be overtaken by others. Through ages, knowledge has been the root of every major change in man. Knowledge and invention are tools that have transformed man for the better. Rest assured that your financial condition will remain unchanged if you don’t acquire additional knowledge. If you disagree with me, you should not be reading this book. You are reading this book to change your financial state, aren’t you?

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