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What challenges have you overcome? If you say that… my business failed and I started another business, and it failed again. And I started third business…and I achieved. You could do a seminar for what? And who could you give the seminar to? You can give it to small businesses, startups…they’ll come running to you. And the small business, startup market is phenomenal because all business people will spend money on themselves; especially if you’re doing one man to a group of 50.

If I tell my story like….Hi, my name is Arfeen Khan. I started a business when I was 19, I did really well but I failed! I crashed, everything went wrong. Then I started another business and I goofed it up even more than I did in my first business. When I started my third business, and I realized there’s a process, there’s a blueprint, there’s some way that I can achieve success and I found some mentors and I found people who told me a way that today I took my business from here to there! I want to tell you that secret over the next two days. It’ll work, right? All of a sudden, because of my problems I had in my business, I could do a seminar on it! So if you write down all the challenges that you’ve overcome, you can find out what kind of topics could come from that!

In my “Speak To a Fortune” program, I had a participant, Zenobia; she did not know how to use a computer, now that’s a huge challenge for a lot of people. She could do a seminar on “how things you think are difficult, actually end up being easy and can transform your life and other peoples lives!” It can be for senior citizens or people who are born in 50’s, early 60’s and before maybe! So, from that perspective…it’s a good subject. She could talk about change… “How change is inevitable. And if you don’t keep up with the change, you’re going to be left behind, but I took on that challenge and I moved forward!” So, she could make a million subjects out of it, if it inspires her!

Your challenges could be a reason for your subject! For example…if you lost a lot of money in stock market…what could your subject be? “How to bounce back in life” The titles for the seminar can be: Rebuild your empire OR From Zero to Hero OR I was bankrupt, so what! You can come up with a million topics!

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