Don’t be shy to tell your story!

I was speaking to one the participants in my program called “Speak To Fortune” and I asked him, “what are your achievements?” he said, “Oh, they’re too small.” But who decides if the achievement is too small? Because even the smallest achievement can be humungous for the audience! When I tell you that I delivered dominos pizza, I worked in McDonalds, why do I tell you that? Because there could be a 19 year old kid there who has just come out of college, thinking what can I do with my life…and he’ll say… god, this guy was the same as me at 19. So for me it’s an achievement to go from dominos to here!

It’s really really important to share your stories; I don’t care how big you think your achievements are. An achievement is an achievement! So if you’re young and you’re 19, you won a trophy in football, you can talk about it! If you’re in school and you won a debating contest, just write it down! You need to vomit your success out, bring it out! Express! Whatever it maybe! It’s up to the writer, to pick what he or she likes. It’s not your choice. The writer is going to write, you’re going to speak.

When I was kid, I got these 2 abandoned cats off the street and I gave them a home. Now, that’s an achievement for me! I got some parrots, I freed them from a cage and I let them go… that’s an achievement for me. So you might think what’s that got to do with the context of training? Nothing! Let’s say for example, if I decided to let some parrots go, the writer may write, Arfeen is a lover of animals. So that changes the whole context! It’s not that he let 2 parrots go; he has a fondness for taking care of animals. So if I say that…I won three medals at school, it will be like… When Arfeen was at school, he was a top sportsperson! That shows leadership form a very young age!

So it’s not your story, the audience doesn’t care about what you think! And what kind of audience do you have? You don’t know! You have no idea! So, it’s crucial that you express. Don’t be shy at what you’re telling about yourself. So if you’re telling me, when I was a kid, I did a comedy show where I wore a pink wig, and I made people laugh their heads off for a week, that’s an achievement! Don’t be shy; because this is not about you…if you make it about you, it defeats the whole objective of what you’re doing. It is really important for you to understand that concept. That’s why when I ask people, are you shy of talking, they say, “yea, I don’t want to talk about myself.” I’m like…who cares about what you think. I’m not even thinking about you, you’re not even in the equation. It’s for everybody in the room. So it’s crucial to understand that because you build rapport with the audience!

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