How it all started!

In my Speak To Fortune program, I talk about something called ETR. ETR means Earn The Right! So Earn The Right basically means that everybody that trains, in fact, in anything you do in life, before you’re able to give someone advice you should earn that right. Now, why should you listen to me? So let me Earn my Right first

My name is Arfeen Khan and for the past 22 years now, I’ve been in the field of personal development and personal transformation. I started off purely by chance, I never knew I was going to do. So, one day I was in a sales company selling – water filters, that’s what I used to do. I was a water filter sales person and it was with a network marketing company and at that time there was a bottle water revolution, there was a new concept of bottled water you know like if you’re really cool you drink bottled water. Then there was a huge concept of tap water is really bad for you, it’s a great marketing by the bottled water companies to shift everyone to bottle water. But bottle water was very expensive it was like one pound a litre and petrol was 50 pence a litre, so it was more expensive to actually drink water than use petrol at that time. And someone came up with an ingenious idea to have a water filter but market it as an in-house bottled water system not a water filter. That’s what he called the course name, right? Change your name of course who wants to buy a water filter but who wants to buy an in-house bottle water system? Fresh bottle water on tap sounds really good and that’s exactly what bottle water is filtered water in a bottle, we all know that anyway right? You all know that correct that bottle water is tap water like filtered.

So, anyway I started selling that, but I wasn’t very confident and then part of the selling is training and my brother used to do all that training. My brother was really good at training and I used to watch him thinking… God this guy is amazing, could I ever be like that? And one day there’s a program for 150-200 people, I remember exactly in central London and my brother comes on stage and says… “ladies and gentlemen I’m going to introduce you to Arfeen Khan who’s going to take you through the program”. Now, I’m at the back of the room and I’m like dying thinking what do I hell do i do? Do I exit or do I face it, but of course this is my brother, I can’t embarrass him so I didn’t go there because I wanted to but I went there because I had no choice I had to so! I Come on to the stage and I start talking and I’m terrified and I’m petrified and I know nothing… but to cut a long story short I managed to do the training program and I got a really good feedback! So I’m really really excited this was when I first started.

Let me fast forward now it’s been almost 22 years maybe a little bit longer. 425,000 maybe people have heard me speak in a seminar, not to include CDs, audios, books I’ve not even added that. But it’s a pretty large number; I actually think it’s larger than that! So, when I first started I was earning 15,000-20,000 rupees a day in Indian rupees. Now, I’m charging between five and eight and even line lakhs per hour and I conduct a Program, a two day workshop I could make at least, worst-case scenario, if I do a two day secret millionaire blueprint workshop, I’ll make at least 30 lakhs if I’m really disappointed with myself and if I have a great time. Like for example, the one in UK I can make on average probably about two and a half crores in two days in a secret millionaire blueprint workshop. So I’ve done pretty well, I’ve been endorsed by Anthony Robbins, Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Bhaskar Das – Times of India, Indu Jane – Times of India, Head of stock exchange – Leela Kempinski, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brian Tracy to name a few. I’ve got about 50 Testimonials. My book “The Secret Millionaire blueprint” has got a new forward by a very famous actor called Hrithik Roshan and a fantastic Forward which has been really really helpful for me. I’ve acted in a movie and so far on the whole my goal is within two years to add another 500,000 people to my list of people that I have Trained. I’ve trained the top 100 companies in this country. I’ve worked with top CEOs, I coach some of the most incredible people in this country. Therefore I’ve done pretty well and I think this is so I’m asking you whether I have to earn the right to speak to you, have I?

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