How to create content for a seminar…

Now that you’ve decided to become a motivational speaker, it’s time for you to decide the name of your program. Your program highly depends on your objective – this program will do what? And what results will you get from it? Now let’s break it up into– Main section… what are the main sections of the program? What do the participants need to know to fulfill the objectives? So, it’s quite simple… we’ll now have the outcome.

What most people do is that people will create a program based on content…I’m going to give this information, I’m going to give that information and when I get this information, people will be really happy! Is that true? No! They walk away satisfied, so if we know that our outcome is to achieve happiness; I have to ensure that day or that two days or three days or whatever you do, people would walk away thinking… yes, I’m happy and now I know how to create happiness whenever I choose to. Even if I’m sad, I would be sad, I have no problem with that, but I will know full intend that sadness is temporary and I can get myself out of it so that could be your outcome to some extent.

Another example… if you’re doing a Teenage program. The outcome is to do what? To make sure that teenagers become more disciplined, more focus, some leadership qualities… so I’m saying, in that event, my data will be totally dependent upon what? My data has a direct association with outcome. What most trainers do is… they create a lot of data and have no idea what the outcome is! Just give information or it’s all in the mind. But the outcome is not clear!

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