Are You Missing the M-Factor? – Apprentice Millionaire X – Arfeen khan

Are you missing the Motivation-Factor in your life big time? 

It really does not matter how much are the others motivated or are doing towards achieving for themselves. What really matters is how much you are doing to achieve what you desire. That is the kind of time you need to devote to fulfill your innate desire.

We can say that life is like a cup of coffee here, it all depends on how you make it. You keep this motivated, positive and spirited to achieve your results; you will be able to achieve it. Contrarily, if you demotivate yourself and let it pass, you will never be able to achieve what you really can achieve.

Demotivation can be a result of failures, can be a result of not being able to achieve what you can. You have two choices at this time; to either accept the defeat and accept the way things are moving in your life and that you have little control to change the course of action or look it at as a leaving ground to accept the challenges and move ahead. The choice is yours!

What every struggle has done is, it has shaped you into the kind of person you are and it was particularly those hard times, which made you stronger to face any challenges. 

Therefore, what is important is you stay motivated. You start where you are, you use what you have and you do what you can. Do not get into what you can’t but rather what you can. For only when you will say you can do it, You will do it!!

You need to keep working at your best one after another without stopping to avoid any doubts, which may permeate and cloud up your mind. So, if you are good, try and become better, if are already better than before, try and become the best. Just never let it rest till the time your good performance becomes better and your better performance becomes the BEST!

You may think at this time that it’s difficult to start and easier to continue. How should I decide where to start from….? For this one needs to be highly motivated without a single doubt. What you can do here is, remember; the secret of getting ahead is to get started. So start by doing what is necessary and what is possible and achievable within your limits. As you will progress, you will suddenly find yourself doing the ‘Impossible’ that you thought. Just need to stay patient and you yourself need to trust your journey and have the conviction that good or bad, either is in your favor.

You may get tired and you may feel exhausted and may leave you with a set of negative thoughts, which demotivates your strength to achieve it. But don’t stop when you are tired; just stop once when you are DONE!

This program uncovers to you the best practices that autopilot you to motivation 24/7. The expert coaches have already transitioned the life of numerous people. Now, it’s your turn to stay motivated throughout your journey and be unstoppable. 


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