Making Tough Decisions Made Easy – Apprentice Millionaire X – Arfeen khan

There are times when you have to take the route of making tough decisions. When you realize that you need to take a tough decision in life, you may feel paralyzed and at a loss as to what is best that you could do. However, still, most of us bypass taking the toilsome decisions. Eventually, we feel even more stressed while trying to deal with the jigsaw-puzzle situation. We may question your own rationale, and fret that our final decision may not be well-judged.

When you are tangled in such the cobweb of making a difficult decision, there is one question that you can ask yourself; if I do not take this decision, will I regret it. This will help you uncover if your reasoning is good, and if you have found a wise solution to your problem.

It is a human tendency to stay in a comfort zone until the alarming situation transpires or probably when it’s too late. For instance, an obese person might snooze the early morning alarm thinking that it’s quite challenging to wake up early and go for a walk. He has been advised by his doctor to walk for at least five miles a day. However, he pays no heed because he likes being stuffed under the blanket until the sun starts leaking from the curtain. He barely bothers about the fattening tyre around his waist. 

One day, after logging out from the office, he steps in the escalator. Suddenly, he starts to feel a piercing pain in his chest. That is the last thing he remembers. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself mounted on the hospital bed with a constant buzzing sound creating ripples in his ears. As the blurry vision unclouds, he finds a nurse piercing a tiny bottle and supping the fluid in an injection. With a shrilled voice he asks, “Where am I.” The nurse sprints to call the doctor. In the next few seconds, the door splits open and the doctor barges in, followed by the nurse. The doctor says, “You had a heart stroke. I told you to walk for at least five miles a day to evaporate the bulge. But you turned a deaf ear. Your cholesterol raised much beyond the required level and hence it avenged your heart.” 

Luckily, the man survives but the situation could have gone beyond control. Therefore, it is recommended not to suspend the tough decision when it is the ask of time. There is an old proverb, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. Have the wits to take the tough decision before you lose control over your life. It does not mean that you need to get tough in every situation, listen to your inner calling. Your inner self will pitch to you to take a tough decision. Analyze from the unprejudiced level, if you really need to be rigid.      

This program empowers you to identify if you really need to take tough decisions at times and the most shielded ways to make your decisions fruitful. 


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