Dare To Think BIG – Size Does Matter

Millionaires think big, their dreams and plans are always larger than life. But ordinary people’s thoughts, dreams, and plans are smaller in comparison. Now, if this statement raises dissent, I would like to clarify that I do not wish to degrade anyone or hurt people’s feelings. I wouldn’t dream of thinking that people of moderate means are not good people, or that rich people are better than ordinary people. What I am trying to convey here is that the money blueprints of millionaires are programmed differently when one compares them to the money blueprints of the non-millionaires.

Consider the example given earlier. When an ordinary man watches a television show that offers a million bucks prize money to the winner, he enjoys watching others get rich, or tries his luck again and again like a million others to get an entry to the show. A rich man would never try that route. He would rather think up ways to earn a similar amount of money through business.

It is not the backing of money that is a per-requisite for thinking big. What is important is the money blueprint which is a part of one’s mind. It is the courage to think big and dream big that really matters

If your dreams and goals are really big and sky-high, your attempts to reach those goals will take you somewhere high, almost near the sky. But if your goals are set low, as low as the ceiling of your house, you will only reach somewhere just below that level.

Set your dreams high. Think Big. Because size does matter.

I’m excited and looking forward to meet you.

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