How having a purpose can make you Rich!

In order to create change, you must know your purpose in life. Let me tell you about my business…

What is my business? I’m a publishing company. I publish information, but I publish specific information, I publish information on transformation. So, it could be in the form of this, it could be in the form of DVDs, online, magazines, tomorrow maybe a TV show, it could be anything! So, I’m an information publisher. So am I a training company? Hell no! Me, in my head, is I want to find multiple ways of releasing information, that will create transformation. So, in my mind, am I a trainer or a publisher? I’m a publisher, publishing is huge. Online publishing, blogs, videos, articles and millions of things. So, if you look at the vision, it becomes big. I want to become…one of the biggest publishers of self-help material on the planet. That’s what I want to do.

So let’s take an example…there’s a guy in my program called “Speak To a Fortune” called john. John is a photographer in Delhi, amazing guy! So, he comes to my program and says, “I want to become a speaker.” And I asked what do you do? He said, “I’m a photographer.” I said, “Okay.” He said, “What can I do, I mean, I’m a photographer, I don’t want to teach people how to do photography.” I said, “Okay, what’s your desire?” he said, “I really want to make people happy! I love people.” I said, “What else do you like?” he said, “I like motorbikes.” So, I said, “okay, we got motorbikes, we got camera, and we’ve got happiness.” So we sat down, we put a plan together. He said, “I want to be a happiness ambassador, I want to be the guy that can make people happy!” so we sit down and we come up with an awesome plan called “5000 smiles; 5000 miles.” Good idea!

So he’s doing right now is he is starting recently going on a 5000 mile journey around India. So, he’s going around the country on his bike, and he’s going to take photos of 5000 people smiling. And he’s going to ask them their reason for happiness. He’s going to publish a book for the 5000 smiles and he’s going to seminars create material and create whatever else he can do, on how to be happy. Now before he was, in his mind, a photographer, now his vision has changed! He’s still a photographer but the vision is huge.

Now, I’m asking myself, does he have the character to become a happiness ambassador? Yes! How many people are traveling on a motorbike 5000 miles around India? That must be fun by itself. Then to take 5000 pictures, the mission is massive. Does he have the skill to do it? Yes! So, therefore what’s the probability of him being successful? It’s high! I would put my money down on him, because I know he cannot go wrong. So my question to you is look at your character, can you play the role of the movie and do you even know the movie that you’re creating? Most people have no idea!

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