Millionaires are Optimists

This is the basic difference between ordinary people and champions. Trainers who are champions in the game of money, always see the brighter side and the possibility for growing themselves in a situation, while an ordinary person, who never really grow, can see only the difficulties.

Of course in life we always face hurdles and obstacles, but it is the winners who never see the obstacles first. They see potential and all the possibilities which may unfold.

Winners and millionaires go ahead and take calculated risks. Losers shrink away from risks. Moreover, losers think they know everything. From childhood they have been programmed in such a way that something stops them whenever they face a situation that involves taking a risk. “Start a big business? Take a large loan? Oops! That’s so risky! Let me first try it with a small sum.

If it succeeds, then I’ll try to think with a bigger amount.” This is the mentality of 90% of the people. They prefer to remain small. Of course taking a risk does not mean taking a plunge in the dark.

By risks, I mean calculated risks. There are scientifically prepared project reports which can tell you exactly how much risk you would be taking for a particular new venture.

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