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The Money Blueprint: How It Is Sketched Inside Your Mind

I once spent an evening at a friend’s home where his wife had cooked, among other things, some delicious biryani and chicken tikka masala and their seven-year old son was a source of additional entertainment for me.

The television was on and a romantic movie played in the background as we ate, drank and laughed. I soon noticed that the child showed signs of uneasiness whenever there was a kissing scene in the film. He looked away and even closed his eyes in disapproval. It wasn’t difficult for me to imagine that the boy must have been told to look away each time something similar was shown on television. This bothered me, so I had a talk with my friend and told him that he had inadvertently programmed his child’s mind with the wrong signals. I explained that kissing is something very natural among human beings; it is an expression of love. His child and all children should learn that everyone in the family can show affection. I still don’t know if my good friend took measures to correct that situation, but I hope he did.

Just as this boy’s mind was programmed in this situation, certain factors also program our money blueprint. Our financial future is a result of the way our money blueprint has been programmed and it can either be magnificent or disastrous. The programming of your money blueprint starts at a very young age. The same methods are taught more intensely and in greater depth for more effective results in my Secret Millionaire Blueprint Seminars held worldwide

A number of influences are responsible for the programming of your money blueprint as it stands today. These factors have seasoned and programmed your mind and your money blueprint throughout your life beginning from early childhood.

• Auditory Programming: Whatever you have heard from early childhood onwards about money and money management.

• Visual Programming: What you have seen, especially seeing your parents deal with money.

• Incidental Programming: Specific incidents that have occurred in your life.

I’m excited and looking forward to meeting you.

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