Your business depends on…

The vision of your business is going to be defined by what you’re able to see. It’s like watching x-factors or those music songs, you sing and the three judges will sit there and say yes or no…your character is a combination of your vision, your rules, your beliefs, your values, your behavior; your skills to produce a certain kind of result. The reasons should be bigger than anything else. If I’m going to be successful today, there has to be a massive compelling reason for it. So I want to ask you… are you in business right now? If not, then do you want to start a business? So what business would you want to start?

How much do you want to earn? If I go up to one guy and ask him how much do you want to earn? He’ll say,“I want to earn Rs. 40,000 a month and I’ll be so happy” and someone says,“if I could just make 40 crore a month, I’ll be so happy.” Now someone will say, “if I make 400 crores a month, I’ll be happy.” Who’s right? All!

So let’s say you’re goal is 2 crore…now I’ll ask you, do you have a 2 crore rupee character, that’s all I’m asking! We don’t know that! That’s a question you need to ask yourself, am I a 2 crore rupee (whatever turnover you’re thinking of)… Am I that kind of character? Do I have the characteristics of it? In my head… you’d know what a 2 crore rupee character is for you! Is it always the same? No! I know a few ingredients…burning desire…what is the number one reason people will fail? Clarity!

The only reason they’re going to fail is lack of clarity. What am I building? What am I creating? What is my business? Number 2 is lack of burning desire. Do you wake up in morning thinking holy shit…I can’t wait to make my customers feel like lawyers. How many people like lawyers? We like lawyers when they’re on our side…but generally speaking, we hear the word lawyers and we think “oh my god, it’s going to cost me lots of money” or “I’m safe”. I have a very good lawyer friend, he can handle everything! I trust him… his skill set 100% and his character 90%! If I go to him, I know my work is going to be done! I have no question, I don’t even doubt it! Now, do you have to be a certain kind of person to build a business? Yes! Let’s look at characteristics… what kind of characteristics are a must for you to be successful? High energy is one of them, when I say high energy, I am talking about enthusiasm. Energy means enthusiastic, people who are energetic. I don’t mean jumping around, btw. I mean there is excitement in your eyes; you just can’t wait to get out there and build something. I remember when I first started even now…when I wake up in the morning, it’s like I can’t wait to get up and work! It’s like shit man! When will the sunrise come? There’s a desire…

Do you have the desire?

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