Your Mission defines your Business!

My goal is to have a defined mission, for my business! So if my mission is on one side and I’m on the other side and I ask myself who do I need to become in order to achieve that mission. Let’s say I want to become like Hrithik Roshan…what do I need to do first? I need to build a body, so I need to lift some serious weights. I need to learn how to dance! I need to be able to Act! I should be able to make those faces he makes when he takes the picture. I should be able to do all of those. If I do all that, then I can do what he does! I also need to know what he thinks like, how he works.

Shahrukh Khan is the only actor that I know of, that is actually on a mission! So, is Shahrukh an actor? He’s a businessman; he just happens to be an actor! He’s the second richest actor in the world because he’s sharp and he’s on a mission! Before he bought his house, when he came to Mumbai for the first time, he used to look at the same house and say “that is my house”, he used to never say I will get it, he said that’s my house! His confidence and his ability to vision is brilliant. Is he high energy or low energy? When he meets people, do they like him? He’s very pleasing, high energy, focused, driven.

Do you believe if you give him a job, he’ll get it done? Of course, yes! He makes fast decisions. Very quick. You give him a proposal; you’ll get a yes or a no instantly. What I’m trying to say is there are certain characteristics and I know one thing that if you generate good emotions, you produce good businesses….if you have a mission!

And to have a mission, you need to make a good team. And if you have a good team, you need to have really good people around you. The people you can tell the truth to and they won’t judge you…those kinds of people. You have those people, that’s it! For me, this is the secret!

So, here’s a little task for you…Go and meet a group of people and ask them some good questions! The objective is this…to create a certain skeleton type of mission! Let’s say you’re selling nutrition product, I want you to come up with a mission that you’re on! So the mission could be that I’m going to help overweight children, avoid obesity so they don’t become obese. That could be my mission for example! But I want the mission to be outward!

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