Are you Making the Right Choice? – Apprentice Millionaire X – Arfeen khan

What is that one thing that largely controls your life? What is that one power that you have right now at this moment that can change everything regardless of what your life has been so far?

You have it, I have it, we all have it. 

What is that one thing makes you who you are and who you will be future? What is that one thing that decides the outcome, the end result? 

It is the choices you make

Making choices is a gift that our Creator or the Universe has empowered each of us with. It is the power of choice that makes one a threat to society and the other a missionary. Where one person chooses the way of brutal killings to prove his point, the other person still chooses to fight against racism in spite of being jailed for 27 years. Yes, I am talking about Nelson Mandela, who is known as one of the iconic personalities to have treaded on this earth. 

At any given moment we have two choices: 

  1. To stay back in our comfort zone
  2. To step forward and grow

Most of us have chosen to limit ourselves to our comfort zone and hence we miss the wondrous opportunity to unfold what destiny has in store for us. So, when you are faced with a difficult decision, you either have the option to either take the bull by the horns or to stay where you since this zone is safe and easy. Each and every day, we are faced with endless choices. Every single moment of our life is about making one choice after another. Every choice, no matter how small, leads us into a different path that steers us to another choice, ultimately making us who we are today. Every single aspect of your life including our circumstances is affected by our choices. 

So, here is a question for you: What is that one power you have right now that has the ability to change everything? 

We cannot always control what happens to us and neither can we control our circumstances but we can control over what we focus on, what we give meaning to and what we do in life. It is not the conditions of our life that control our destiny; it’s the choices that we make every single day. Your greatest power lies in your ability to choose. Sometimes even the minuscule decisions can change the entire course of life. 

So, think about some of the choices that you have made in the past and how they drove you to where you are now. What if you had chosen to go in a different direction? Maybe your life would have been better or maybe worse but it certainly would have been different. This will give a fair idea about what your approach should be going forward. Here, I do not mean that every decision that you make is going to change the course of your life. But you should realize how impactful every single small decision is that you make through your day-to-day life is. You should make yourself mindful of how everything seems to unfold based on the small choices that you make every single day. 

The decisions that we make are largely impacted by:

  • the everyday regime that we follow, 
  • the way we take good or bad situations in life, 
  • how we spend our time, 
  • the people we associate with and 
  • the beliefs that we fuel.

Hence, if you follow the same path, you will get the same results. To get different results, you have to make different choices. Dare to take big decisions that have a massive impact on your life. Do not let your life be driven by others or by ego or by money. Lead a life that is true to who you are and who you want to be. Make sure that the small decisions that you make every single day are aligned with your higher purpose and your best self. Ensure that you focus on things that truly matter in your life and drive you closer to the life that you want to live.

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