Are You Self-Disciplined? – Apprentice Millionaire X – Arfeen khan

Self-discipline is the key characteristic of a millionaire. If one is disciplined to do the important task that can make him rich, he should definitely become rich. Success is the result. Most importantly, the result is not accidental. It is the culmination of continuous action or effort. If the result is positive, we call it a result and if negative, we call it negative. So the result happens over a period of time. One needs to discipline oneself for a long-term result and sway away from short-term gratification. Discipline yourself by all means from saving to spending, whether big or small. 

Manage your time for the most important task. Successful people don’t do what broke people do. Successful people do first thing first, they are committed to themselves. They do whatever it takes to be rich and successful. Life is not a football match where you get extra time. Every second counts. Develop self-discipline so that all the aspects of your life you become disciplined and you will be able to use most of your time productively. Focus your mind, body and soul completely towards becoming rich and successful. Maintain your focus every minute and utilize the time to become successful, both mentally and financially. Do whatever it takes to become a millionaire.

Never look for short term gratification, focus on long term success. You may get sidetracked by other options that seem to be lucrative. Beware never do the same mistake what you have been doing. Challenge the mental approach whenever it makes you think negative about money. Never entertain the thoughts that are disempowering you from the journey towards being a millionaire.

It is all about your mindset that takes you to the level of success. If your mindset has a problem in not believing in you and your potential, you will be almost broke all your life. We have seen several millionaires whom we call to have a Midas touch. It’s not actually the Midas touch, it’s their mental approach. They are confident and have a belief in what they do. They believe in their decision one hundred percent. They pull all their mind and energy to fetch the desired result and they do achieve the result the way they want. It is the magical mindset that they develop to make them rich. It is not about what we don’t know keeps us away from success. It is what we have already learned, heard and know that it is registered in our mind what keeps us away from succeeding.

This program mentors you on the techniques to walk in the skin of self-discipline and take complete charge of your business.  


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