Can Investment in Real Estate Skyrocket Your Gains? – Apprentice Millionaire X – Arfeen khan

Investing in land has been one of the primitive forms of investment since it fits into one of the most basic and fundamental human needs for shelter and land for food to grow. This likeness is in our DNA for security and hence everyone does get attracted to purchasing real estate for the sake of security. However, today people are buying real estate not for only it’s usefulness but also for its bragish-aspect and this leads one into bigger and deeper debt traps than one can see.

Real estate is a bulky form of investment that requires funds in enormous quantity at one point in time and not having any fixed return. Hence, considering the amount of investment, most people find it hard to invest in real estate. One can buy one or maybe five grams of gold but we have not yet reached that stage where once can buy one square foot of land or property. Though, if given a choice or rules get changed, which allows you to buy one square foot of commercial property, one can invest a certain portion every month but unfortunately, this is not a possible option at this point in time. Today, this is what makes real estate a low liquidity option.

Secondly, it suffers from market fluctuations which could be good or bad. Hence, real estate would always remain as a source of investment but with a lot of strings attached to it. Coupled with this fact, rapid urbanization is taking place today where millions of people are thronging every year to the metro cities in search of a job, business opportunities, education and so on. This has been a key migration reason to move to the metros.

So, on one side you have urbanization, you have pressure on the land and that too when the density of population per square kilometer is way too high. Therefore, keeping all such factors in mind, real estate will never go out of fashion because everyone needs shelter. Life has its ups and downs and things change for the better or sometimes worse, so having a roof on one’s head is a great solace and is important. This also makes real estate and good opportunity but only on the condition if you have money to invest in a lump sum. Secondly, it suffers from liquidity issue. If you urgently need money and you want to sell your property, the selling price could go down to as low 25-30% as compared to the current market prices. No one would pay you across the table without taking their pound of flesh.

However, is money is invested in real estate by following certain techniques, it can earn you assured and multiple gains. This program unleashes to you proven formulas that can magnetize reward-reaping returns on your investment. 


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