Is Investment in Gold Actually a Bankable Option? – Apprentice Millionaire X – Arfeen khan

Well, the answer to the above question is ‘of course yes’. This metal of the Gods has been in demand since the origin of civilization. Gold is something that everyone from the natives in the amazon to the bankers in New York understand and have a value to offer. It has over centuries stood the test of time and is purely inflation-proof.

Why gold is lucrative these days is because of two reasons:

  1. It’s inert: Unlike other metals, gold is an imperishable metal since it never wears or gets damaged. It stays with its original qualities and luster for centuries.
  2. To extract around 1oz of gold, around 30 tons of earth has to be mined.

Of course, the amount of gold on the earth is limited and the known reserves have already been exploited. The hunt for gold started along with the rise of organized society and today, the population of our planet has mushroomed but the supply of gold is shrinking.

Now, why is gold so lucrative?

The reason is, today it is not only a commodity but also considered as a currency. If someone is held hostage in the jungles of Amazon and if the pockets of that person spill out thousands of dollars but only 10 grams of gold, the native tribes would rather pick the gold. So, what is that the Amazon person knows that an American does not know? Today, gold is more of currency and less of a commodity. No other commodity worldwide that holds the same value as gold.

One may feel that diamonds are more valuable but diamonds come in different varieties. However, in the case of gold, it does not matter that the gold was mined in the jungles of South Africa or Russia. Gold is gold, but the same is not true in the case of diamonds or other precious stones. If you wish to break up even one gram of gold, you have the option but in case of a diamond, it is unbreakable or it would lose its value. This is the beauty of gold, it’s timeless.

However, in spite of its worth, it barely exceeds the growth of 5-7% over time. So, in a way, since the currency loses value with the passage of time, gold appreciates in value and that saves you from getting affected by inflation. Gold has rarely witnessed substantial growth unless there is a war or there is a huge disruption in the economy, like a market crash, a slump in real estate and so on. Then gold prices shoot up substantially as it is a storehouse of value. But, at the same time, the condition applies. There is a limit up to which you can invest in gold and any investment beyond that limit could prove to be fatal. 

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